Wrestlemania 27 Preview: Undertaker versus Triple H

When the teaser 2/21/11 started to show up in WWE programming I thought that it was to introduce Sting to the WWE ring. However, it wasn’t meant to be as The Undertaker headed to the ring to signal that he is ready for Wrestlemania.

And then, this happened.

It was an epic promo.

It was so epic that it didn’t even need to use words or actions to ignite the intenseness of their rivalry!

Undertaker calls himself “The Last Outlaw”.

Triple H says otherwise.

One wants to protect the streak while the other wants to destroy it.

Two of the biggest names in sports entertainment go head to head.

And these guys will collide at Wrestlemania 27.


The Undertaker is perhaps the most durable main eventer of the WWE for 20 years or so. He has been ably carrying the torch whether as a face or a heel. His promos could be generic and his walk could be boring but you know you’re watching an awe-filled match when this man is involved in it. Sure, injuries have appeared but this is not a reason to doubt his abilities. He is a many-time WWE champion and is a cinch to the Hall of Fame. He has defeated the best of the Attitude Era as well as the best of the current era. He barely drops the ball during matches especially inside the grandest stage that is Wrestlemania 27.

Next to Ric Flair, he has the most World Championship titles. He had numerous faces in the federation. From becoming an aristocrat to degenerate to sadistic monster to frat boy – one could wonder if there is still missing in his long list of accomplishments. Hello streak! Shawn Michaels during their UFC-like match preview tells everyone of Triple H’s ability to succeed in everything that he needs to accomplish. Triple H is addicted to winning and will resort to whatever means necessary to achieve it. This is why he is called the Game.

He owns the best gimmick ever. As the Deadman, he has the “mystical” powers to thwart his opponents with the evil that contains him. Over the years, his movesets have developed. Sure, the Tombstone piledriver and his choke slam are still credible finishers but he has since added the Hell’s Gate submission and The Last Call to his arsenal. He is also a feared striker and for a big man, he is fast. Triple H is one of the soundest wrestlers ever. He can brawl and go technical on his opponent if given the chance. He can also go hardcore with his trusty sledgehammer. I remember when he was still new in the main event scene that he has this “four moves of doom” like John Cena. He’ll hit the running knee, then the spinebuster, and then the kick to the groin to set up The Pedigree. In other words, expect this match to make headway. For perhaps not longer than 20 minutes, you can see duelling chants to fill the arena.

One thing WWE isn’t really telling you is that Triple H is already part of the streak back in the early 2000’s.

Will lightning strike twice?

Believe it. Lightning will INDEED strike twice as I can’t see Triple H defeating the Undertaker in Wrestlemania. There are reports that Shawn Michaels will have something to do with this match that will make Triple H angry and it will lead to HBK coming out of retirement to “retire” Triple H. However, this move is to protect the awesomeness of Triple H, something that is too valuable to lose grace even in defeat to Taker at Mania. Undertaker’s days are numbered though. John Cena, Alberto del Rio, Sheamus, The Miz, and Rey Mysterio are a couple of wrestlers that he can face as his career closes.

Besides, imagine the backlash Triple H and the McMahons will garner if their son-in-law is the one who’ll cash in on the imperial streak?

And besides, Triple H is afraid of losing – as seen when he jobbed to Ric Flair, Batista, Chris Benoit, and John Cena in previous Wrestlemania instalments.

Maybe it’s finally time to see Sting in a WWE ring?


Will this match be shown last?

Game over.


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