Wrestlemania 27 Preview: Sheamus versus Daniel Bryan

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*** Don't mind me! This is geek time for every wrestling err... sports entertainment nerds! This is the granddaddy of them all and I want a piece of the action! I'm going to enumerate the Wrestlemania card and my predictions! *** 

A secondary belt will be on display this Wrestlemania. After years of no-shows and Money in the Bank appearances, former World Champion and current King of the Ring and United States Champion Sheamus will go up against 2010 WWE Rookie of the Year runner up and former US champ Daniel Bryan


This human jar of mayonnaise started his WWE campaign via ECW. He moved to RAW where he became one of the brand’s fastest-rising stars. In his young career, he is already a multi-time top champion. His Irish Curse backbreaker is a great finisher but he uses this as a mere signature move. His bread and butter finishers are the High Cross powerbomb (a la Razor’s Edge) and the cool-looking Brogue Kick. After winning King of the Ring, he had a slump. His winning ways returned when he ditched the crown and the cape en route to an emphatic win against Bryan, thus grabbing his first US title.

Wrestling as Bryan Danielson, he was the independent scene’s most popular superstar. Wrestling in school gyms, youth centers, and other parts of the globe, he was regarded as the best superstar outside the WWE. When he signed with the WWE, he had the knack for 5-star matches and Bryan (name was changed so he can’t use his WWE fame outside the company) wrestling in the pseudo-reality wrestling show, NXT was a treat for everyone. He should have been one of the main bets when Nexus hit RAW but an overly vicious incident on-screen (choking John Cena with a necktie) caused for his release. He returned to WWE later in the year and continued his in-ring feud with Michael Cole and The Miz, which was the guy he got the US title from. In the last few months, prior to losing his title to Sheamus, he has been thrust in women-feuding angles with Gail Kim and The Bellas and the mentoring of aspiring superstar Derrick Bateman.  

This could be a potential show stealer. These guys once fought in Raw and had a favourable crowd reaction. Sure, Sheamus is bigger and stronger than Bryan but Bryan can carry him and get him in submission holds so this match won’t be like Bryan facing Mark Henry. In fact, Sheamus is quick in his feet so this means that the match can be fast-paced. In terms of promo, I am surprised this match is not getting any fanfare of sorts given that Sheamus is a decent speaker and Bryan pretty much made The Miz and Michael Cole’s characters the way they are right now. Bryan’s short arms give him all the reasons to use his kick every time the situation arises for him to use it.

You know what... Daniel Bryan has never lost a WWE PPV. Sheamus is a superstar given the right feud but Bryan needs this win more than ever. If this match is great by any means, then expect WWE to push him hard. They need serious main eventers more than ever alongside, John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler, I can see a lot of upside by pushing Bryan. Hopefully this match could at least land 12 minutes although I’m suspecting that this will just have 8-10.


Hopefully Bryan will use Cattle Mutilation?

Yes, Daniel Bryan was facing the blond version of CM Punk

Game over.


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