2010-11 NBA Fantasy League's Best (Rotisserie Picks)

Happy April Fools!

I would like to say to all fantasy losers, that they are winners!

Yes, I am sarcastic. After months of taking free agents, releasing free agents, and begging for that player to get awesome, we have reached the end of the line.

Some tried this for fun but others poured in bets. I think I’ll win one fantasy league but the punishment is cheap. I’ll definitely lose my other fantasy league and I’m going to cringe taking my hard earned cash en route to a grinning face.

With less than three weeks remaining in the current NBA regular season, I bet you are already forming a bunch of scenarios in your head with regards to the next season. Hopefully, the lockout won’t piss away on your dreams of redemption because for all the losers and the eventual winners, here is an early cheat sheet for you to use!

By the way, I plucked out the 25 top players in terms of position. You can see them popping in one or two positions because some of them have dual positions. I honestly think that if you these types of players, you need to get them in your lineup! This list is also good for leagues in rotisserie formats.

Speaking of rotisserie formats, I like it. It works well especially during crunch time. I would also like to test the head-to-head matchups.

Anyway, here are the lists.


1 Chris Paul
2 Monta Ellis
3 Dwyane Wade
4 Derrick Rose
5 Stephen Curry
6 Russell Westbrook
7 Jason Kidd
8 Deron Williams
9 Chauncey Billups
10 Steve Nash
11 Raymond Felton
12 Kyle Lowry
13 Jrue Holiday
14 Mike Conley
15 Beno Udrih
16 Jason Terry
17 Tony Parker
18 Andre Miller
19 DJ Augustin
20 Rajon Rondo
21 Jose Calderon
22 Luke Ridnour
23 Ty Lawson
24 Toney Douglas
25 Darren Collison


1 Monta Ellis
2 Paul Pierce
3 Dorell Wright
4 Manu Ginobili
5 Kevin Martin
6 Dwyane Wade
7 Ray Allen
8 Kobe Bryant
9 Jason Richardson
10 Raymond Felton
11 Wesley Matthews
12 Jason Terry
13 Nicolas Batum
14 Landry Fields
15 James Harden
16 Aaron Afflalo
17 Andre Igoudala
18 Hedo Turkoglu
19 JR Smith
20 Grant Hill
21 Eric Gordon
22 CJ Miles
23 Stephen Jackson
24 Jared Dudley
25 Tony Allen


1 Kevin Durant
2 Lebron James
3 Paul Pierce
4 Dorell Wright
5 Manu Ginobili
6 Josh Smith
7 Danny Granger
8 Carmelo Anthony
9 Lamar Odom
10 Jason Richardson
11 Wilson Chandler
12 Wesley Matthews
13 Rudy Gay
14 Luol Deng
15 Nicolas Batum
16 Landry Fields
17 Gerald Wallace
18 Shane Battier
19 Andre Igoudala
20 Thaddeus Young
21 Hedo Turkoglu
22 Andrei Kirilenko
23 Danilo Gallinari
24 Boris Diaw
25 Shawn Marion


1 Pau Gasol
2 Lebron James
3 Kevin Love
4 Amar’e Stoudemire
5 Al Jefferson
6 Dirk Nowitzki
7 Al Horford
8 LaMarcus Aldridge
9 Josh Smith
10 Elton Brand
11 Kevin Garnett
12 Danny Granger
13 Paul Millsap
14 Carmelo Anthony
15 David West
16 Serge Ibaka
17 Nene Hilario
18 Zach Randolph
19 Lamar Odom
20 Channing Frye
21 Chris Bosh
22 Tim Duncan
23 Wilson Chandler
24 Rudy Gay
25 Amir Johnson


1 Pau Gasol
2 Kevin Love
3 Amar’e Stoudemire
4 Al Jefferson
5 Al Horford
6 LaMarcus Aldridge
7 Elton Brand
8 Serge Ibaka
9 Nene Hilario
10 Zach Randolph
11 Channing Frye
12 Chris Bosh
13 Tim Duncan
14 Marc Gasol
15 Brook Lopez
16 Javale McGee
17 Dwight Howard
18 David Lee
19 Tyson Chandler
20 Marcin Gortat
21 Luis Scola
22 Andrea Bargnani
23 Roy Hibbert
24 Blake Griffin
25 Chuck Hayes

Are you satisfied with the things you just witnessed? No, you shouldn’t. One thing you need to know about fantasy leagues is that some dual players aren’t in some. This has the Yahoo Fantasy format where Lebron James can play the PF spot unlike the ESPN Fantasy format where Lebron is just a SF. Also, did you see your favourite players? If you didn’t see your players – it’s maybe because they aren’t great all-around players. Rajon Rondo is a great assists and steals guy but he is weak beyond the arc. Dwight Howard is a rebounding force but he has no steals, 3-point percentage, and free throw percentage. Yes, Channing Frye is better than Howard because aside from his inside scoring he also has steals and three-point shooting capabilities.

Are you still wondering why Blake Griffin is ranked low?

Anyway, if you wasted a huge amount of moolah and you want to get back your money, then go knock yourself out in finding your dream lineup this early.

Game over.


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