2011 PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals Preview: Talk N Text versus Ginebra

The 2011 PBA Commissioner’s Cup Finals is upon us. After months of speculation, only two teams remain. The Talk N Text Tropang Texters have only lost once in this tourney and the Barangay Ginebra Kings have eliminated their tormentor. If the Tropang Texters win this tourney, they are a step away from completing a feat only three teams have done... a grand slam.

Of course, the Kings will do everything for that to not happen.

Let’s meet the players:  

(If this was a PPV, these guys would likely get less to no exposure.)

LAST IN THE ROTATION: If we are to pit TNT’s Jared Dillinger, Rich Alvarez, and Mark Yee against Ginebra’s Willy Wilson, John Wilson, and Jimbo Aquino, it seems as if Ginebra’s reserves are more productive. Dillinger’s health should be something TNT wants to improve ASAP. This is like Ginebra’s yearning to use Jayjay Helterbrand, Enrico Villanueva, and Eric Menk as soon as they are available. By the way, Emmerson Oreta and Gilbert Lao are the other players in the TNT bench.

(They will put in numbers and could potentially get in the main card but until they do well, they’ll likely languish with less than stellar playing time.)

RESERVE CENTER: Ali Peek is a major contributor of the bench. Yancy de Ocampo though should be rewarded for the masterful job he did against Marcus Douthit. I’m going to put my money on Yancy because the guy will do everything to log at least 60 minutes in the finals.

RESERVE POWER FORWARD: Let’s say Harvey Carey meets Billy Mamaril what could happen? Hey, is it a matchup when one player plays a mere six to eight minutes? Unlike Carey, Hot Mama is at the bottom rung of Ginebra totem pole. Especially with Yancy’s current play, Carey will win this matchup by merely playing more.

RESERVE SMALL FORWARD: JC Intal has been struggling lately especially with Mark Caguioa, Willie Miller, and Ronald Tubid getting the lion’s share of the minutes. So for some insane reason, I am giving the arrow to Aaron Aban. Chot Reyes has been using Triple A to put body and his six fouls on the imports. In terms of usage, Aban is handier.

RESERVE SHOOTING GUARD: Both squads have dangerous backcourts. More than a year ago, Willie Miller and Larry Fonacier are teammates in Alaska. Now they are in opposing sides and opposing prologues to the finals. Fonacier smoked hot against Air21 while Miller blew cold against Smart-Gilas. Don’t get fooled though because Miller will try his best to make his presence felt in the finals.

RESERVE POINT GUARD: Jason Castro is a many-time PBL Finals MVP. He is pitted against Rob F’N Labagala. Jong Uichico is drawn nuts to this player. It was as if Uichico saw the second coming of Joey Mente because he is giving the team that energy. The rookie might have flashes of brilliance but Castro could eat him alive if he wants to.

(These are the players that would likely vie for the Finals MVP. By the way, the Finals MVP Award should only be given to the player coming from the winning team.)

STARTING CENTER: Import Nate Brumfield will likely meet Ranidel de Ocampo in the shaded lane. Brumfield has been inconsistent in his past few games but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t dangerous. Ranidel could power his way to the lane... but the obvious choice here is him piling his numbers via jumpers. If all hell breaks loose though expect Brumfield to be the one bringing it.

STARTING POWER FORWARD: This is one of the major matchups in the series. The H-Bomb will pit his inside prowess and rebounding ability against the player of the same calibre. Yes, the Rudy Hatfield versus Kelly Williams matchup will be taking place. Both are Hall of Famers in the making and both will do everything to one-up the other. I’m going to give Hatfield the arrow though because just like in last conference’s playoffs, Williams is almost invisible.

STARTING SMALL FORWARD: I can say that TNT’s hired gun should take this. Paul Harris is such a valuable piece for the Tropang Texters. He can score heavily and at the same time rebound the ball. Yes, in this conference, there are imports that can still average in double figures in rebounds! However, he is pitted against Ronald Tubid. Tubid is basically the PBA’s version of a boner shrinker. One minute you are psyched up for the game, the next minute you are thinking of your ballboy naked. And then you have an off-night and that’s Ronald Tubid for you. However, I’m going to have to say Paul Harris because it will suck for TNT if their import fails to do his job.

STARTING SHOOTING GUARD: I have been campaigning for Mark Caguioa to win the Best Player of the Conference Award. He has been running amuck lately and I am loving it. Whoever is saying that it is time to get rid of him must be insane. Meanwhile he will be pitted against Ryan Reyes. In the recently-concluded Philippine Cup he played inspired ball in tribute to his fallen brother. Both players are clutch operators but I think Mark Caguioa will win in this matchup.

STARTING POINT GUARD: With the absence of Jayjay Helterbrand, Mike Cortez was the key PG for the Gins. If this was during his Alaska days, a Cortez versus Jimmy Alapag matchup would have been something. However since donning the Ginebra colors, Cortez’ offense has gone stale. Alapag meanwhile has been the same ol’ bag of delights since his debut. Like Caguioa, he is on a lock to win the BPC honors.

(For lack of better term)

Chot Reyes has turned the Talk N Text Tropang Texters to championship squads... not just on paper. Jong Uichico’s resume is solid. He has won tons of championships with San Miguel and a couple with Ginebra. I hope Uichico would check out his team well because he needs to focus. He has the tendency to watch the ballgame and not care that the players responsible for their success is sitting on the bench. As for Chot Reyes, whenever he is cool, great things happen. Whenever he loses his temper, his uncontrollable rage sends his team to chaos. I’m going to say Chot Reyes will have the advantage in this series because even when he gets mad... the Tropang Texters have only lost once in this conference. That should amount to something!

We have a tied match... up ladies and gentlemen!

Who will rise up... and who will fall down?

I’m going to root for The Spark and the Kings but once Uichico does something not-so-snazzy, I’m going to turn to the Tropang Texters in an instant!

Poor me...

I have no loyalty.

Game over!


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