30 Months!

I used up my annual scheduled leave to date Cindy and celebrate our 30th monthsary at Trinoma. At first I thought it would be a disaster with Cindy developing an allergic reaction towards smoke belchers...  

Luckily it ended up being awesome.

While she was out buying things for an event she’ll attend, I went out to buy those buy one take one NBA basketball stickers. It just reminded me when I was a high school student and I had a “trick” on how to get a special card that I can sell. I don’t know what I did wrong but sure, I got a special Kevin Durant sticker... I also got a special Dwyane Wade and Lebron James sticker!

Sure, Wade and James are stars but what can I possibly do with a Sasha Pavlovic sticker???

Anyway, we saw Rio. I’ll make a separate review but it was a great film. Since we watched it on 3D, it took a huge gash on my wallet. But what the hell, right? It was worth it!

After the movie, we ate at Mexicali where I got treated to taco, quesadilla, and a very spicy burrito. Before going to the cinema house I bought a pair of Jamaican patties to munch. Yes, the stench of Central American food is at the mercy of my mouth!  

Then after eating we went to the grocery.

I saw my friend Froi Flores. He said he was going to meet someone at Timezone.

Gender? It’s tough to be a man with the name he said.

Moving on...

There was a band playing at the atrium part of Trinoma. They were wearing formal gear so I thought it was The Bloomfields so I tried to snub them but then Cindy exclaimed that the frizzy-haired vocalist looked familiar.




Man, even if I was far from where Pupil was playing, I was like in some sort of a trance! Ely is one of my freaking heroes. The Eraserheads is my most favourite band in the world... ever! When I was in Grade School I used to wander to SM just to get the first copies of Circus, Cutterpillow, and Fruitcake! I stood at the railing to catch three songs – the first two were Pupil songs. Nearing the start of the third tune, Ely said it’s time to go old school. I was praying “Please be an E-Heads song” in my head repeatedly.

Possibly Sembreak or Alapaap?

But Ely then sung a virtually re-tooled version of Walang Nagbago.


Ely turned me on.



I was like wet sa pwet! I never really loved the original because the arrangement sounded like “Easy Ka Lang” minus the “huhuhak” at the start of the song. That rendition was perfect though. It had those drums pounding, those guitars ripping, and Ely blurting. All of a sudden I remembered that since day one, nothing has changed between me and Cindy. Call me cheesy! I was walking en route to the grocery as if I was a zombie and Cindy was looking at me like a school girl getting a glance from John Lloyd Cruz! I didn’t finish the set. That E-Heads song seriously made my day.

But that day wasn’t over.

I was then reviving the old tunes in my head as Cindy picked up ingredients for her newest baking goodness.

And no... “May tae, may taeng tumpok-tumpok na malaki” is NOT our theme song and that’s a travesty.

We finished the date with me eating a Blizzard and her eating some concoction from Red Mango. We were sitting at the high end part of Trinoma. A bunch of people saw us giggling like hell including Bobby Yan and Francine Prieto. I’m thinking they saw us but it seems as if they have a (showbiz) world of their own. I also saw Pia Archangel and Desiree del Valle.

And Ely.



When I went to the CR I saw another friend named Marco Dulay. He was wearing a very tight shirt and he was about to meet a male friend at Starbucks so they can get a drink later.

I think it will be just the two of them.

Moving on...

I recapped this day because I wanted to remember this.

This was like a refreshing twist on a typical Friday.

I can’t really describe the feeling I had during that day so I just enumerate the scenes for you to comprehend it.

Believe me, it was awesome.

Game over!


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