Euro announcer almost died because of awesome game

Jorge Garbajosa is an international player that is not in the NBA at the moment. He is one of my favourites. I actually love the whole Spanish basketball team. I hope Ricky Rubio can play for the Minnesota Timberwolves next season and I hope Garbajosa alongside Juan Carlos Navarro, Sergio Rodriguez, Raul Lopez, and Carlos Jimenez will eventually (or again) follow suit.

Anyway Garbo played in the NBA for two seasons with the Toronto Raptors before returning to Europe. The perks of playing in Europe, it is near his house and at the same time he is the main man.

I got this cool video from Isko Villanueva where Garbajosa, now playing for Unicaja Malaga, is fighting against his former team, Real Madrid. Real Madrid’s roster at the moment has Spain’s Rodriguez, Sergio Llull, and Felipe Reyes and Argentine hotshot Pablo Prigioni. Garbo’s teammates at Unicaja Malaga include Spain’s Jimenez, Berni Rodriguez, and Guillem Rubio, England’s Joel Freeland, and Greece’s Georgios Printezis.  

What’s cool about this clip is that both squads fought tooth and nail to win the match. Both squads went berserk outside the arc and in the end both teams can’t really say that they didn’t give their all for this match.

The other thing cool about this match? The announcer. The guy talking off-cam is going nuts with the non-stop action. I think the commentator needs to pace himself because he might strike a nerve ending or something.

Still, he could be a futbol announcer so overreacting in every play is basically mandatory.

Game over!


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