Evilbrain's Gigolawyering Trip: The Justin Bieber & Slipknot Mashup

When they find the creative person who made this mashup...  

Slipknot is a heavy metal band.

They are known for their aggressive music style and chaotic live shows.

Justin Bieber is not a heavy metal band.

Hell, he is not even a band.

Justin Bieber is a pop star.

He is known to have aggressive and chaotic fans.

These fans are mostly giggly chicks and really, really weird men.

So they have nothing in common.

However, some guy in Youtube combined these two clashing forces to create the ultimate mashup.

REACTION: The mashup is not bad. I like the way the Slipknot vocals blend with the Bieber melody. The beef I have with this mashup is I wished they altered the rap part. 

By the way, I’m going to thank Evilbrain and his brother for sharing this on Facebook

Game over.


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