Hitting paydirt

I am 15 points, 8 triples, and 6 blocks away from winning a decent pot.

Whatever it takes my friends... whatever it takes.

I dug a hole by clinging with a bunch of “winners” to catapult me to the top in my main fantasy team. It seems as if it was a good idea at first but my La Mesa Damn’s 2010-11 NBA season (this is my ESPN NBA Fantasy squad) is only good for sixth place (it should have been fifth but it was a lost cause before February even entered). My Wazakramento Kings (this is my Yahoo NBA Fantasy squad) is on the verge of hitting paydirt if Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, and Monta Ellis can score 15 points in four games. The entry pot for my ESPN League is 1,000 while my Yahoo League is a mere 100 bucks.

The win could pretty much ease out the hole I dug for myself. Hopefully my other teams do well in their challenges.

Game over.


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