Monopoly - The Movie Trailer

It’s been what... ages since I last played Monopoly.

Anyway, while I was checking out Funny or Die, I stumbled on this movie trailer. I believe this is some sort of film class project but just like other made up trailers, the concept they brought had a potential to work. According to the credits, Half Day Today produced this with Evan Bregman and Al Levine playing the lead characters.

I have no idea who those two are.

I am a fan of the board game especially when I am friends with the banker. I used to cheat by sneaking my fingers on the money bin.

Whenever I get caught, the other guys are too pissed to continue the game.

Sigh... party poopers.

Anyway, here is the trailer of this non-existing movie.

You know what’s a great board game to produce? Games of the Generals! I mean, the film’s big scenes happen once the characters face each other and leap on the enemy.

It’s kinda odd though... seeing a bunch of army men sitting on other army men.

And what’s up with the arbiter?

He’ll just stare and stare like some crazed person?

Game over!


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