My Holiday Plan

Hopefully there is a 7th Heaven or a Grey’s Anatomy marathon on Studio 23.

I could go out and travel with friends but I believe that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed with the family. Sure, you can or won’t do religious things – but I believe in tradition. For our household it is basically sticking with your family as close as possible.

Even with the technological advancements we’re having (cable), you can never go wrong with the cheesy and ultra-goody Camdens on UHF TV... especially during Holy Week. My mom would pull out a snack and we would munch on it as we enjoy moral lessons and little kids caring for 9/11 and the ongoing war in various parts of Africa.

Is there an actual American family who talks like an army of robots, have virtually the same train of thought, and do nice things 24/7?

There are times when I vomit overcheesiness.

This is where my DVD collection kicks in.

I’m a little sloppy in series gathering though.

Sure I have Bioman, Freaks and Geeks, The Wonder Years, Undeclared, and a bunch of movies inside my laptop (clean movies if I may add), I’m looking for other visual materials to get me through the week.

My plan is this: I’m going to load 220 Pesos in my Globe Tattoo. Whether or not the faster broadband connection will be a hit or miss, I will Supersurf my way and blog. I have a plan to make the 50 Greatest OPM Bands of the 90’s blog but it’s is hard! For TV viewing, I will glue my set and shuttle it on Fox, Jack TV, and Basketball TV. The NBA playoffs are ongoing and I haven’t seen a Boston Celtics game.

My sister bought DVD’s of the unfinished current seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and Modern Family. I pretty much browsed on those titles last weekend. I am hunting for the first four seasons of Psych and the third season of Castle.

I failed in finding copies because I was too busy being lazy to not go to Circle C, St. Francis, and Quiapo.

I ended up though with the first season of Raising Hope.

Man, I like this show. It’s a story of a guy who impregnated a serial killer and has to raise the kid normally. The guys that made this are the people responsible for My Name Is Earl, thus their trailer trash-like appearance. Lucas Neff is believable as the adorable bumbling goof. I bet I’m going to be an adorable bumbling goof in the very, very near future. Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt are great as Jimmy Chance’s (Neff) cool and quirky parents. Cloris Leachman delivers an awesome performance as Jimmy’s mentally unstable grandmother and Shannon Woodward is cute in his role as the nice but impish love interest.

Her way of thinking reminds me of someone... 

I have seen the first three episodes but I’m going to repeat it and waste a day away watching it with gusto.

It is like watching 7th Heaven... except the characters aren’t nice cyborgs.

Don’t worry though... with my mom leading our pack, I expect to do a lot of religious things. After all, this is the most important reason why we are given three days to rest.

Who knows, maybe I can blog about it.

Game over.


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