My Top 10: Possible Steve Carell Replacements on The Office

Steve Carell is in his final season as inept and immature Michael Scott in The Office. After seven seasons, the comedian wants out to pursue other things. With Michael Scott occasionally joining the cast in episodes to come, it is time to hire a new manager.

The problem is... who?

Logically, the managing arm of Scranton should go to the person with tenure and that means Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute could cross paths and battle each other out for that position. Sure, Jim is a slacker but there is no way he’ll let Dwight boss him around. However, given the way The Office execs are checking out possible reinforcements, I think they want a big name player to lead the show ala Carell. In the months leading to the end of season seven, David Brent has appeared. David Brent is Ricky Gervais’ The Office (UK Version) character. He was introduced in one episode and automatically, he and Michael clicked.

The other is Will Ferrell. On Steve’s first guesting stint on Saturday Night Live, it was revealed that Lorne Michaels had only one spot remaining in his SNL roster and he chose Ferrell over Carell. Carell had to work his way via as a reporter in The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (like Ed Helms) to boost his stock. However, Carell’s entrance to stardom was when he became part of The Anchorman ensemble, which is a film starred by Ferrell.

It seems as if Ferrell is the leading choice since he has been introduced as the new manager named Deangelo Vickers and Michael Scott is teaching his character the ropes. Nothing has been decided yet so we may or may not see Ferrell playing manager for season eight.   

So I’m going to do a wish list on who should become the next manager of The Office. This is an ambitious list of the ten people that can fill the void left by Michael Scott.

Game starts now.

(By the way: Thank you internet for the pictures! If you want it out, just ask! :)   ) 

He can act all deadpan and can be funny as hell. He is more of an ensemble player than most of the stars in the list and his aloofness to play along with the weirdness of the Dunder Mifflin quirks might be his ticket to sway viewers to watch the show. However the problem that looms here is that he is not a big name guy. With Will and Ricky teasing the public of their involvement, we might find his anointment a bit disappointing. The show could also look like a spin-off of Arrested Development.

The guy gained instant credibility in this spot with the success of The Hangover. Like Michael, he is an annoying goofball that is lovable. He’ll also have an instant scenario with Erin since the manager-secretary romance will be further enhance since they are once an item. The problem here though is the character itself since Andy Bernard (Helms) is one of the weakest salesmen they have in their service right now.

I like how this guy acts. I don’t know if he’ll stand out with as part of the ensemble but he can be snarky, goofy, and dreamy. One storyline is that he is too shy and too nice to get mad that Dwight would exploit him and Jim would work for him to piss off Dwight. Again, the biggest problem here is that Rudd is a movie star. Unless via necessity, it is hard for us to think he’ll relish the thought.  

While I would cringe if they’ll get a guy internally, the most logical person to claim Michael Scott’s position is Jim Halpert. Halpert can be a douche but is oftentimes effective in his work. However, the problem for him lies on whether or not he’ll get the support of his peers – particularly Dwight and Andy. He’ll probably also have issues with Pam.

Dwight Schrute is another character that they can raise to the top. At first, he’ll probably hate the defiant Jim and tell his self that he can do the job by his lonesome. However, he’ll eventually soften up his stance because he knows Jim can help him survive, they become a de facto team where Jim always undermines him. This scenario will not happen though because Dwight always needs to become a tattletale and unless there is a big name hire up looking at him, this will not look good.

This guy is comedy gold! I like it when he played a daft prick on Arrested Development. He has comedic timing and he’s pretty much a cocky asshole that the others, including Dwight, would hate. The problem here is that he lacks the lovable persona Michael Scott has. I don’t think he’ll be the lovable boss they wanted to have. Arnett however will join the team in Season 8 but his capacity needs to be seen. 

This is my serious pick for Dunder Mifflin manager... for a couple of episodes! The guy can play prick, the guy can play lovable bastard, and the guy can play messed up. He is Charlie F’N Sheen. Even if he’s a manager for a very short duration, expect him to claim fireworks! Besides, Sheen may be a scary person but he is also a very good show salesman. Now there are more wasted people working in Dunder Mifflin that isn’t Meredith or Creed! This pairing will be like when Rob Lowe joined The Office’s bastard baby brother Parks and Recreation.

This is my pick for manager if he wants the role. Ben Stiller is no stranger to television. His roles are lovable, charming, and queasy which puts another dimension to the manager character.  The problem is that like Will Ferrell, he is too big for TV. However if he wants to, Ben can treat this The Office move as motivation! He had a MTV show a la SNL back in the early 90’s that was critically-acclaimed but it failed to draw viewers. He could use this as inspiration to knock this hit show out of the ballpark.

Will Ferrell can be a lovable bastard just like what he portrayed in The Anchorman. However he is too big of a star to perch at Dunder Mifflin. I’m afraid that most of the cast members will be eaten alive by Ferrell because they can’t hang with him. Also, what will his angle be? He works well dismantling people but to get his good side, he needs to chum with people and perhaps this opens up an idea for a love interest. The idea of him joining this ensemble exposure-wise is great for the show. Media will eat it and if they find something they like, expect this season to rule.

He is the producer of the show. Can’t he just insert himself in the spot? Gervais is like Carell in some ways and his lovable and snarky self can absolutely sit well with the audiences. While his British humor can piss off people who can’t really get him, expect him to display a bunch of things that is like Michael in some ways but is really not. If you hate what he did on the awards show he hosted, expect to love it when he does it on the show. Gervais will awesome in this role if he assumes the role.

With these names, Ferrell leads everyone although you can’t count out Gervais and Arnett.

Or maybe, Steve Carell is just making people think that he’ll leave the show. That would be bad for the show though, since the biggest reason for the name game is to generate interest for the eighth season.

Let’s just see what happens. 

I really, really like this song. 

Game over.


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