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(This is my Holy Week Special. Sometimes I ramble but well... all the time I do. Here’s something different from my usual takes.)

The government is making a bill for proper love making. They call this the Reproductive Health Bill. This bill spawned a battle where the church battles the state. People are getting it on with this battle. We have seen people handing out condoms, priests encouraging people to disallow this law from getting enacted, and protesters in front of churches speaking of the injustices of the core of the church.

First of all...

Are we that dumb?

Why are people reminding us on the proper way to do this? Hell, why are people telling us that we need a law for this? Sure, this can avoid unwanted pregnancies, teenage pregnancies, overpopulation, diseases that can be traced by doing it... but no law can cure libido! Sex is a spur of the moment reaction coming from two (or more) individuals. Unless we control our "stuffs", this law is useless.

The prices of commodities are soaring and you waste our time with this?

Is semen a convenient alternative for gas?

Now I do not want the church in the affairs of the state. I cringe every time I see a presidentiable hunt for the good graces of a particular sect, but the church is valid on this debate. Our country is the only predominantly Catholic country in Asia. Sure it is divided (warring factions to say the least), but we all rely on virtually the same teachings to shape our being. While Catholicism is one of the more liberal religions to date, it still has its boundaries. 

We can go to mass from time to time. We can confess our sins only when you feel like it. We can get through the offertory rite without handing out anything.

We need to make sure though that we apply His teachings in our everyday lives.

This is why we detest divorce, euthanasia, and abortion.

Nowadays though, it seems that we don’t know when to stop pushing our beliefs to the limit.

Whether you praise Him within the church or outside it through Samaritan acts, it is important for us to praise Him and credit Him for our salvation. Our religion doesn’t make our girls wear black cloth to hide their faces. Our religion practices democracy... but often we are overdoing it. I bet the pro-RH people are the same people that used Lenten as a way to go out-of-town. I don’t hate the people that use the break to go on vacations... I just hate these people if they say ill things about my religion. Sure I don’t agree at some of the practices and I am not by any means an angel but fact is, I respect my religion.

One of the most well-known (and most misused) sayings inside the Bible is the thing where Christ calls out his people to “Go forth and multiply”. Another is “Love one another”. You are an idiot if you get this in its literal context. You need to understand the teaching as if it was said now because it is severely outdated. What He was trying to point out if it is now is that you need to go forth and multiply responsibly and make sure that you can support your offspring once you have it.

For some insane reason, I think this bill is solely meant for the poor, who would rather have kids than jobs, and horny teenagers.

Fact is I don’t think they care about the bill... at all.  

Maybe for the pro-RH people, it is their way to tell their kids of what they can’t teach them. My suggestion: communicate with them. In our current environment, people get kids either under-22 or over-27. Those under-22 kids doesn’t know how to raise a family while the over-27 kids are yuppies who know how hard it is to get money in our current economic setting and would try to save as much as possible before they raise a child. Studies show that kids who were loved less will likely feel love in other ways. If you think your child is that needy, shower the kid with affection before it is too late.

Religion can make wonders to a person once they practice what is preached.

When the RH Bill comes into effect though, mayhem will ensue. For starters, Catholicism will suffer another blow. Whenever a priest do evil things, the whole religion gets the flak. Have you noticed the treatment the religion gets from talk shows and series? Did it even occur to you why there are no mosques getting destroyed in disaster movies while St. Peter’s Basilica is getting annihilated by meteors and alien invasions most of the time? Little by little, people are messing with our religion. Respect is diminishing as well. 

All of a sudden, the call for legalizing divorce will get even louder. 

After that, then what? 

Again, I am not THAT religious of a person but again, I respect my religion. I also know that you don’t need a law to protect yourself from having an unwanted baby (or disease). You don’t need to legalize something to get the ire of the priests. Condoms have existed for a bunch of decades and sure, the church hates these contraceptives but they can’t prohibit its use because they value our free will.

I get it. The church is a bit old-fashioned with their way of thinking. They also like to meddle in state affairs. But passing a bill with the rest of the land having mixed emotions means the country is not ready for a touchy idea like this. And it is not the priests who are making fuzz in this – it’s particularly the parishioners who spent time to praise God and thank Him for all the blessings He has given to us.  The priest who threw out the RH Bill supporters didn't exactly threw the people out. They had the choice to not step out but instead, the cry injustice. 

Our priests are the first and foremost enemy of death penalty because they are thought to value life. We have all the laws to protect the people in terms of sex-related crimes like rape, child abuse, and others. This RH bill is redundant. Instead of passing a law and passing contraceptives to people in the streets without educating them what’s-so-ever, they should create health-related and socially-acceptable campaigns to mold the minds of people.

If that’s the case, then I am up for it.

The RH Bill is a problem for me but I am open-minded enough to think that kids should know the pro’s and con’s of life before they attempt to create (or non-create) life.

Game over.


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