Seizure Spot

I just experienced the Pokemon phenomenon.

Nope, this is not a blog about Pikachu or Bulbasaur or Charizard or whatever organism spawned in those mutant-infested places. I am talking about a phenomenon that happened some years back.

It was said that watching Pokemon made a lot of kids experience seizure.

I have no idea who can this video be dangerous and violent but apparently it did made a lot of kids go bonkers.

I am led to believe that the kids of that generation will do more Japanese comedy in their game shows.

Anyway, if and when you watch a 3D movie, you need to check out the Cherifer-Pedzine commercial. The spot was made exclusively for 3D viewing. It is basically a bunch of bottle caps (or basically what coaches use when they come up with plays in a typical basketball) expect that it has lighting and audience. What makes this TVC unique is that it is too bright and we can see an insane amount of flashes and other lights.

When Cindy and I first saw the spot it was like a bunch of lights seeking pain.

I tried to hunt down for a copy on the web but I couldn’t find it. The best way to score the TVC is to watch a (hopefully) good 3D movie, come to the cinema house 30 minutes before the film’s screening to score the TVC’s, and hope and pray that they haven’t pulled out the commercial.

The intention of the plug is good and you have to give Cherifer-Pedzine props in their way to jumpstart an innovative way to advertise. I just hoped they sampled it to an audience first before putting it in on a random cinema house.

Game over.


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