Super Mario Burlesque

Definitely he has a 1UP hidden somewhere in his pants. 

There are a lot of acts that can be associated with our favourite Italian plumbers. If you check out Youtube, you’ll probably find a ton of things dedicated to Mario and Luigi. There is this kid that completed the Super Mario game in just 5 minutes. There is a kid that can do the Mario music using an acoustic guitar. Mario has been spoofed as an action movie, a melodrama, and even a porno.

By the way, are you interested in a Super Mario movie that stars the legendary Ron Jeremy?

But there are a lot of things that didn’t help our beloved Mario from achieving severe awesomeness.

For example... Burlesque.

You are about to see a clip where a bunch of women mistake burlesque from crappy stage work.

I mean, not even the great Ron Jeremy can save this production.

An indication on how crappy this production is?

Check out the front row seats.

A burlesque needs to be sexy, even with their clothes on. Actually especially with their clothes on because it sets up the big reveal in the end. If you want to check out an example, watch Moulin Rouge and when I mean Moulin Rouge, I mean the actual French show, Moulin Rouge! This Mario production was sad in all aspects. I mean the goombas barely resemble goombas. The crap acting and dancing is amateur. The set is doomed from the start!

In hindsight, this is a wonderful concept. Unfortunately, the execution was abysmal.

Diss me if you’re not like me and you actually love what they’re doing.

Game over.


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