The Swimmer

Jourdan Sebastian is a cross between a very intelligent person... and a really weird guy.

Maybe he’s both.

My officemate Vlad shared this to me and throughout the clip’s run, the only thing I could think of is did they get a permit for doing this. I mean, it was placed in the middle of what I think is Quiapo in front of every street merchant, bystander, and commuter in that area. The scene is simple yet it follows a three cam setup (I am guessing there is a camera following him, there was a camera already situated in the scene, and a camera angle shooting the long range parts).

I am led to believe that this is a school project of some sort because the crowd didn’t react so violently and troublesome as you know they can be. Probably there is crowd control as well as permits handed down to shoot this because at the side of the street, a very interested motorist could check the scenes out and if he’s not looking... crash into something.

Like I said, this clip was simple and yet humorous. The actor was dead-on here. His emotions were so exaggerated that a simple walk to the inflated kiddie pool and taking the jacket out will automatically reel in a bunch of viewers.

They could have established the lifeguard though. He could have run from afar where the overhead camera would spot him as some kind of David Hasselhoff clone (haha). It would have also helped if the other guy that took his shirt off wore distinct clothing. I never thought of him as a lifeguard.

A streaker, perhaps?

All in all though, this was insanely brilliant. Whoever their professor is in this subject must give them a great ovation.

If this was just for fun though... they need to have their heads checked.

Otherwise this is enjoyable.

Game over!


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