Will and Kate's Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

My officemate (name withheld for anonymity) Manuel Edralin was asking why I don’t have any posts about the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It has been covered extensively because it has been centuries since a commoner wedded a prince. Since I need to “Sydrify” stuffs, he taunted me to use stats to describe the event.

What can I possibly stat about the wedding?

How much horseshit will be dropped en route to the castle?

I mean... really?

So I visited the Funny or Die website because almost all things necessary in life is featured in that site. Upon my browsing, I got hold of a bunch of clips that feature "Will and Kate".

In this episode, Will and Kate will go their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties much to their chagrin.

By the way as if it matters, this site applauds the newlyweds!  

Hopefully when your kids are young they all look like Prince William but as they get older, we see more of Kate’s genes... especially on the teeth and hair part.

Game over.


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