Wrestlemania 27 Preview: John Cena versus The Miz (With The Rock)

I believe that this is the main event of Wrestlemania.

The charismatic man of the Attitude Era faces off (indirectly) with the charismatic man of the PG Era.

And the other giant in the ring happens to be the future of the business and the current title holder.

This should be a treat!


The Rock became the host of Wrestlemania because he wanted to save us from Justin Bieber. True or not, this was an awesome development. Seven years ago, he left wrestling permanently (kind of) so that he can concentrate on Hollywood. Before The Scorpion King, The Rock was a third generation wrestler who has swayed a lot of people because of his charisma and ring skills. Sure, he isn’t the best wrestler and even the best brawler, but with one promo, he’ll have the people in his palms. When John Cena commented that Rocky deserted his fans for Hollywood, it caught the ire of The Rock. When The Rock returned to become the guest host, he called on Cena. This brings us to this...


Let's start things off with this clip: 

The guy was accidentally heard by Stephanie McMahon rapping backstage and Steph taught it was a good idea for a gimmick. It was. It made Cena severely over. Cena was able to fight and win against the likes of Triple H, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, John Bradshaw Layfield, Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton, CM Punk, The Big Show, Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle. In last year’s Wrestlemania, he was able to defeat Batista to win his nth WWE championship. However, the PG era made him “this thing” that every grown man hates. He became the super soldier that is too goody-two-shoes and too kid-friendly for their liking. Every time Cena wins a title, people riot. Kids though think of him as a hero. Basically John Cena is this generation’s Hulk Hogan.

The problem with Rock versus Cena is that it is a mere verbal tussle. There is no such thing as a Rock versus Cena match. The Miz came from the laughable depths of Trash TV. Eager to become a wrestler, he got that chance when he participated in Tough Enough. The Miz didn’t win the plum but he did earned a spot in WWE Developmental. The problem with The Miz is he is an above average talker but is a weak wrestler. Miz persevered and while the disdain is still there (especially wiping off the stigma of him being the Host of Smackdown), he slowly moved up the ladder. He won the tag team belts with John Morrison and The Big Show. And then he won the United States belt. He then won the Money in the Bank. And finally, he used that opportunity to claim his first WWE title. Fairly new to the big dance, expect him to force the issue and make people believe of his awesomeness.

The Rock wants to prove that even if he was gone for seven years, he is still the main man of the WWE. The Miz wants to prove to everyone that he deserves his current standing. As for John Cena, this is just another step to boost his Hall of Fame career.

Cena and The Miz are brawlers. I don’t know if this will be a technical-savvy match but they need to go all-out to please the fans. Since this is a potential 20-minute match, they seriously need to make this story right. Inasmuch as they need to book Miz strong, they need Alex Riley to rough up Cena at the start just like what he did for John Morrison before the ref steps in and throws him out. Honestly, they really need to guard The Miz here because Cena is a proven main eventer and Miz can fold up if he fails to impress.

As for The Rock, expect The Great One to play a major role in this match. Expect to see a lot of The Rock in various segments of the show – with possible hellos to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, and The Undertaker. Hell it would be cool if we see him alongside Mick Foley or The Hurricane. Anyway, he will get his revenge on Cena which could be the reason why I can see... The Miz retains.

You see as per The Rock, The Miz doesn’t matter. This is why The Rock will go all out on John Cena. The Rock could cost Cena the title and this will lead to Rock versus Cena in the future.

In the meantime though...


I’m going to finish this with a couple of clips!

Game over! 


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