Wrestling advertisement fail

This is the right way of promoting a product. 

I am a fan of wrestling.

Oh shit... sports entertainment.

I am a true-blue WWE fan. When WCW was still on, I’ll watch that show as well. I watch Raw and Smackdown via the satellite feeds while I get TNA through Youtube. Here in the Philippines, Ring of Honor is an unknown entity so unless I see a former WWE or TNA wrestler, that’s the only time I get hooked on the show. For wrestling news and reviews, I visit Rajah, Lords of Pain, and The John Report websites. The first two offer me news while the last site gives awesome anecdotes on the events happening in wrestling.

As I was checking out The John Report site, I saw this. 

This is NOT the right way. 

It wasn’t site related.

In fact, it is a random Google ad.

Whoever in Thunder’s Arena Wrestling thought putting three unknown guys in blue trunks posing like manwhores... MUST BE INSANE!

No offense but if this was ECW, Sandman would have a beer and a kendo stick, Mick Foley will have a barb-wired bat and Sabu would have had blood! If this was WCW they’ll have the nWo guys posing like gangsters. If this was WWE, you can see Randy Orton in trunks...

... and not posing gay!

Are these guys a bunch of prostitutes?

Game over.


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