Wrong spelling

I saw this picture on the net. 

One must ask... who the hell is this singer called "Josh Grobin"? 

Katy Perry is one helluva performer. She sings nice. I don’t really like danceable tunes but I can make exceptions at times. I think she’s quirky. She’s with Russell Brand right now who I now adore especially when he is Aldous Snow. I will definitely watch Arthur since I am a Dudley Moore fan as well. 

Hopefully they'll give justice to the flick. 

Moving back to Katy Perry, I believe she will last long in show business if she plays her cards right. As long as her mishaps are tolerable, she will be alright. However, Hollywood can be so unpredictable at times.

Sometimes, DUI’s are forgivable offenses but saying the wrong things at an awards night will give you hell for life!

And yeah, one other thing... whoever wrote in her chest must be educated. 

Game over.


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