2011 NBA Finals: Shit Happens? Heat Happened!

I am like that guy. 

I remember when they first battled it out during the 2006 NBA Finals. I was rooting for Miami because I couldn’t stand Mark Cuban and his “heaven-sent” Dallas squad.

With the help of Dwyane Wade, Shaquille O’Neal and a bunch of 30-something guys who wants a final crack for recognition like Alonzo Mourning, Gary Payton, Jason Williams, Eddie House, James Posey, and Antoine Walker, the Heat climbed out of a 0-2 binge to finish the Mavericks in six games.

In 2011, the roles have reversed.

My brother from another mother (or so he seems) Francis Villanueva is about to bet a huge chunk of money on the Miami Heat winning against the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals.

It feels wrong... but what the hell. 

He said that when he watched Game 4 of the Mavs’ series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, he wasn’t too thrilled at the Mavs’ offense. He feels that Miami can handle Dallas’ ball rotations and can adjust well when they square up. He felt that the Dallas’ rotation is too slow. In terms of defense, Dallas is definitely the wrong team to stop the high octane offense of the Heat.

In his fearless prediction, he called it with Miami winning the series in five games.

On a different note, my buddy dubbed the Geist also predicted that Miami will win the whole thing. He however points out that Dallas will win if they can get Dirk Nowitzki to play well. The defense will automatically scatter once Dirk is hot and Miami has no other choice but to double team him. When he’s not though, the Mavs will hunt for the person that could give them the points.

But let it be known that even when struggling, Dirk will always be a threat. 

The thing is I find the outcome differently. Sure, I hate Miami but the Heat still rely on three superstars to give them the championship. Once the Mavs find a way to at least contain Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, or Chris Bosh, then the Heat will have to look for other scoring options.

Dallas has a regular rotation of nine men. Dirk Nowitzki leads the team in points with 28.3ppg with Jason Terry (17.3) and Shawn Marion (11.2) as the only players in double figures. However, Jason Kidd, JJ Barea, Peja Stojakovic, and Tyson Chandler are all averaging seven points and more. Terry also has never started in the playoffs.

Miami have six players playing all of their games in the playoffs. James averages 26.0ppg, and then Wade has 23.7ppg, and Bosh nets 18.6ppg. The next player after the big three is James Jones who missed 3 games with the squad with a 6.5ppg clip.

Dallas likes to use their outside shots to bombard the enemy. It was depressing to see Pau Gasol looking weak during this season’s Western Conference Semis because Dirk is sending him outside his comfort zone. Unless LBJ guards Dirk when he drifts to the long ball zone, there is no one available to corner his triple/penetration.

Dallas will have it hard defending against Lebron and D-Wade. Kidd could check Wade but Wade will eat him with his speed. As for Lebron, he’ll probably get Shawn Marion because Peja is not the right player to man him.

Also, remember when Lebron was in Cleveland? The Cavs’ arch-enemies during the playoffs were the then-Gilbert Arenas-led Washington Wizards. There was this guy who said to the critics that LBJ may be the key, but he is the lock pick.

That guy is DeShawn Stevenson.

And he plays for Dallas.


The series will be long and will go back and forth. I’m going to say that the Mavs will win their first championship. Sure, teams have been warned that with the Big Three in Miami, they will win it all. But Dallas is hungrier than the Heat. Most of their players are 30 and up and this could probably be their last time to chase the plum. Chris Bosh owned Carlos Boozer but hopefully the same can’t be said with Tyson Chandler manning the frontline. At this point, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Joel Anthony, and Udonis Haslem will be needed and must contribute.  

And I’m not just saying this because I hate the Heat... BUT I HOPE DALLAS BEATS MIAMI!  

Dallas will win the series in six games!

Game over.


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