2011 NBA Playoffs: German Jordan?

As Kevin Durant secretly glances at the wrong ball, Dirk Nowitzki is doing his best Michael Jordan impression.

Although when you look at it, Michael Jordan’s epic tongue-wagging is cool.

Dirk just looks like a dork with that face on. 


Anyway, churning out a massive 48-pointer makes this German scoring massive awesome. The Mavs also scored major contributions from Jason Terry and JJ Barea. Terry will have to step up on the scoring so having this production is basic but Barea doing this much damage is bonus!

As for the Thunder, evening the series must have them contain the other scorers of Dallas. If Miami has their Big Three, Dallas has a washed-up Big Six version. These guys might be 32 and up but they are former star players! Oklahoma City did contain most of these guys actually but Dirk just made like for OKC a living hell on that game.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are expected to snatch at least 60 points for their squad but other players need to step up!



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