2011 NBA Playoffs: Heat Hate

The Boston Celtics watched at the sidelines after ceding their Eastern Semifinals series to the Miami Heat. This sucked because Boston started the season great but ended it when decisions caused them to get their bench destroyed and dominating frontline less-intimidating. 

Yes Shaq, Miami would have lost if Kendrick Perkins never got traded
but now it's time to enjoy the show. 

With this development, hopefully the Heat would join the Celtics at the sidelines after losing their NBA Finals seat to the Chicago Bulls.

Bosh looks like a dork. 

Yes... I am a hater. Sorry Mike Bibby... I don't hate you but I hate the people seated next to you. Dwyane Wade? He's the only Big Three player I like but since he regularly passes the ball to Lebron James and Chris Bosh, here is Taj Gibson raping Wade in mid-air. 

Let the Heat Hate Campaign begin! 

Game over.


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