2011 NBA Playoffs: Stop James Harden and His Beard!

Dallas needs to bounce back in their Game 2 loss.

I don’t know the answers. I barely know the X’s and O’s of basketball. But If I can make a suggestion, this is what needs to happen.

Come Game 3, the series will move to Oklahoma City. For Dirk Nowitzki and company, they try hard to find James Harden’s residence...

... and shave his beard.


Do you know the story of Samson and Delilah?

That’s the plan.


Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will always hurt you but once you destroy the team’s third option, expect things to go haywire for the Thunder.

Harden is the key. I think that beard has stuffs that rival Inspector Gadget. There was a rumor circulating that Harden has stopped bringing his gym bag because he kept his things in his beard. He also kept most of his food and water in his beard to snack on to during dead-ball situations. For all we know, he has a bunch of anti-oxidants and potions hidden on that beard that he can wield on his opponent’s face without the hint of detection.

For the Mavs to stop the Thunder in Game 3, they must overcome James Harden.

They have to by any means necessary... CUT... HIS... BEARD.

Game over!


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