2011 PBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest - Live Play by Play

Meralco is calling this the Meralco High Voltage Slam Dunk Contest. That’s a cool name. The Bolts is a good moniker. Whoever thought of the name must help Rain or Shine pick a better nickname.

Elasto Painters?


Speaking of Rain or Shine, I’m not going to choose Josh Vanlandingham as my top pick because that right is reserved for Kelly Williams. Gabe Norwood and Jay Washington pulled out of the contest at the last minute.

Elmer Espiritu has been traded by the Alaska Aces to the Air21 Express for Wesley Gonzales.  

Espiritu must be so happy right now.

Wesley? Hopefully.

Mico Halili and Jason Webb are toying with Dominic Uy. It all started with Dondon Hontiveros joining the panel for the skills contest while Willie Miller made the three-point contest a laugh trip! By the way, Jonas Villanueva emerged victorious in the skills event while Mark Macapagal was able to successfully defend his 3-Point title. 

This is by the way the first time the PBA has ever held a game at Boracay and with the influx of players standing 5'8 and up, the fans are loving the 2011 PBA All-Star Extravaganza

The commentating here is superb and funny by the way.


ELMER ESPIRITU – Just had henna. Missed a jack knife dunk and had to settle with a double pump. 36 POINTS!

RONALD TUBID – Tubid just went for a silly dunk. He laughed at himself. It sucked and he knows it.

JC INTAL – He brought LA Tenorio as a jumping pad. After several attempts he made it. I think LA was sabotaging JC. Yes, Ginebra fans... blame him.

REY GUEVARRA – He made a reverse 360 dunk! It was cool! It was like mid-air ballet. That dunk is good for 49 points.

JOSH VANLANDINGHAM – He had the right idea but his timing is off. It did a tolerable dunk but that dunk shouldn’t be in a dunk contest. Dominic Uy is getting owned by Mico and Jason right now.

Dominic Uy to Jason Webb: Eh tapboard na nga lang, tuwang-tuwa ka na eh!

Funny line!

KELLY WILLIAMS – Williams charged in and nailed a sick dunk! With Williams in the competition, that instantly gave the contest credibility. Williams’ dunk was good for 49 points.

At the end of the first round, Guevarra and Williams are leading the contest. Guevarra is starting to have fans by this point.


ESPIRITU – Espiritu scored 45 points by nailing a slightly low 360 shot that ended it with a pump dunk.

TUBID – Dammit! Tubid got put on a snorkel... and threw a 360 dunk! A SNORKEL AND BERMUDA SHORTS! It would have been 50 if he wore flippers! 48 POINTS!

INTAL – Yeah. Intal got 50 points by nailing a decent 180 dunk! Intal wanted a re-dunk but the judges gave him a 50. The judges have the word “CHARITY” written in their foreheads. Oh well.

GUEVARRA – The guy is doing extraordinary things. He did an Andre Igoudala-type baseline dunk. Despite the weak finish, he scored 47 points.

VANLANDINGHAM – Sean Anthony is with Vanlandingham while Shawn Weinstein is in the bleachers. Anthony was bumped off to have directly Weinstein throw the ball to Vanlandingham. Then after one attempt, Vanlandingham ditched Weinstein to score with a basic two-hander.

They build your anticipation but you end up disgusted.

It’s just like “chickless” Sucker Punch!

WILLIAMS – Kelly brought in Jimmy Alapag to do something sick and twisted. Alapag got threw a bounce pass from the bleachers in which Williams finishes it with a seriously insane power dunk! Definitely, the anticipation for the dunk as well as Kelly’s showboating made this dunk the Dunk of the Night.

Guevarra and Williams will compete for the Finals! They should have made the contest a three-way dance because JC Intal would have made crunch time awesome.


Alapag just yanked Uy out of the commentator’s booth! Uy got mangled by Jason and Mico!


GUEVARRA – Missed his first dunk. Jimmy is biased but again, Guevarra failed to finish the dunk strong so his biasness was slightly unreasonable. Still he scored 46 points.

WILLIAMS – He missed also his first dunk. And his second. But then Williams hit an explosive back to the basket pump dunk!


GUEVARRA – He threw the ball but continuous missed dunk messed his chances of winning. He settled for a one-hander but even with that miniscule effort, you can see him soar awesomely. Give him time and he’ll rock the contest with gusto!

WILLIAMS – Williams is trying to do a between the legs dunk. Any dunk Williams do with an explosive finish is more than enough for him to cream Guevarra in this competition. The dunk worked and Machine Gun Kelly was named the winner!


K-Will thanked KG Canaleta and Gabe Norwood for missing the contest.

But I don’t.

This was one of the weaker dunk contests I have seen. It rivalled the days when Vic Pablo was winning Slam Dunk Contests by nailing one-hand dunks. I do not care what mumbo-jumbo they could do to spice this contest up but I hope they could do something with this.

Also, what the hell were those judges watching? Was this the first time they saw a dunk contest? Just like the Intal second dunk, they were just handing their 9’s and 10’s on less than stellar dunks.

At least they should ask the participants to have one dunk to showcase their skills and a dunk where they need to use props. I hate the usage of props in the NBA dunking contests but in the PBA, you have no choice. I think they need to have it as a mandatory thing.

Or maybe, they can do that H-O-R-S-E game they did a couple of years back with Willie, Ronald, and Wesley because that was such a fun game. Perhaps they can have the slam dunkers do that type-of-game to refresh the event because it has become insanely stale.

But anyway, it was a superb effort for K-Will.

He was a class on his own and hopefully he’ll come back to defend his crown against bigger and badder opponents.

For Guevarra, this is a great way for him to showcase his abilities in front of the PBA faithful and hopefully what he did was enough for him to succeed in his PBA career.

Game over.


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