The Ambiguously Gay Duo LIVE ACTION!!!

I did not search this clip to spite a bunch of my Facebook buddies.

Compare this to them... they are tame.

Anyway, SNL’s Funhouse is one of the most awesome segments of Saturday Night Live’s history (although I will rank Digital Short, Weekend Update, and Celebrity Jeopardy higher than this). Some of their animations are political in nature but basically the segment tends to be funny.

One of their more popular shorts is the Ambiguously Gay Duo. This is the story of Ace and Gary, two crime-fighting super soldiers that have tendencies to put their arms around each other in a pretty kinky manner.

While the show is funny in its animated state, you have to see this clip. If there’s one thing funnier than an Ambiguously Gay Duo cartoon, it is an Ambiguously Gay Duo live action segment!

Madmen star and frequent SNL visitor John Hamm stars as Ace with former SNL and current late night host Jimmy Fallon stars as Gary. Reprising the roles of the villains are The Office’s Steve Carell (40 Year Old Virgin) and Ed Helms (The Hangover), Comedy Central host and political satirist Stephen Colbert, and current SNL member Fred Armisen.  

Anyway, it would be awesome if it spawned a movie although expect a lot of sexist detractors mooning their asses.


Game over!


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