The Blessed One

“An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded.”
- Pope John Paul II

I was one of the few that trooped to Luneta Park to check out Pope John Paul II. It was for the Tenth World Youth Day where at least seven million people trooped to the place on January 15, 1995. I was 13 then and at that point “Tell the World of His Love” was feel-good music. At Luneta, I was one of those people shouting “John Paul 2, we love you” alongside different people of all social classes and all ethnic races. I wanted to touch him, even just his popemobile because security was extremely tight then but I can’t because the crowd was too thick. Before Pope Benedict XVI, he was the only Pope I knew (and then catechism thought me that Peter was the first pope of the church). I believe the Polish-born pope was genuinely good. Well, I know all popes are good but there is something nice about JP2. He has this aura of awesomeness attached to him and was well-respected especially during his peak. He was one of the instigators for the fall of communism and at the same time, JP2 have been to a mosque, has been blessed by a rabbi, and protected the rights of the man who tried to assassinate him.

On May 1, 2011, Pope John Paul II was beautified and the whole world tuned in to see the man who once emphasized on the call to holiness by beautifying 1,340 people and canonizing 483 saints to be venerated. I know the term beautification has nothing to do with good skin or superb fashion sense but indeed the guy was beautiful. I heard he’ll be a patron saint for the people suffering from the Parkinson’s disease. Hopefully he’ll be canonized as soon as possible.

“The future starts today... not tomorrow.”
- Pope John Paul II

Game on.


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