Car gets revenge on Blake Griffin?

Madness I tell you!

With the way Blake Griffin’s season went, it was certain that he has established himself as the second coming of Shawn Kemp. Griffin’s offense seriously mimics the Reign Man. However, unlike Kemp who had to climb his way to the starting spot where he unleashed his dominating nature, Griffin got good early on after sitting out what should have been his rookie year. He was creating dunking balls, grabbing boards, blocking shots, and even passing the ball well.

While the Clippers have yet to return to the playoffs, at least they have become entertaining.

This is why Blake Griffin was judged as this season’s Rookie of the Year.

Remember this dunk?

While it was so-so creatively, it was a marketed as one of the best dunks ever in an All-Star Dunk contest. It was the icing in his cake after wowing everyone in the Rookie and actual All-Star game.

However, it seems as if that dunk gave Griffin enemies. Take this image from The Onion website.

It looks like the car got its revenge?

While sure, this was all fake but whatever thing that car would do to Blake... it will always be trumped by the thing that happened to Kenny Smith.

Game over.


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