Chicago's final hope? Scalabrine!

This is how a star should wave. 

Proving that no one is safe from the great evil that is the Miami Heat as they barge to the NBA Finals, I am officially pleading for the Chicago Bulls to at least let Brian Scalabrine play in Game 5.

Yes, he may not be in the Bulls’ playoff roster. Maybe the Bulls have yet to tell him that he’s already waived. And even if he is still with the squad, you know for sure that Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh will eat him offensively and defensively.

However... luck will definitely be on the side of the Bulls.

He has been to the finals four times now and once his magic starts, he could get a fifth trip with the Bulls. Kidding aside though, Brian Scalabrine could be the ace in the hole that the Bulls are lacking right now.

Also, according to Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers, Scal is on top of the all-time NBA list of just being a teammate. I dunno what that means but since it came out of Doc Rivers... that point could be true!

When the Chicago exec was touring Brian Scalabrine inside the arena, Scalabrine said he wanted to end his Chicago stint with the team acknowledging his awesomeness by erecting a statue near Michael Jordan’s.



It was an awkward moment because of the very, VERY long pause between the exec and Scal.

Anyway, Tom Thibodeau brought Scalabrine to the fray so that Scal can do what he did when they were still in Boston.

Maybe Derrick Rose doesn’t need a Scottie Pippen.

Maybe what D-Rose needs is a Scalabrine.

Game over.


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