Chris Jericho's Lion Tamer

The Lion Tamer, also known as the Walls of Jericho, is one of the most dangerous finishers in sports entertainment history when seriously applied. This was a move popularized by Chris Jericho. The early version of the submission wrenches the body in a position that the body has yet to know how to respond while placing his knee on the back of his opponent’s head.

Seeing that the manoeuvre will eventually hurt people, they de-fanged the submission move by making it like a Boston crab move. This current version of the Walls suck!

This is why whenever I see this version it reminds me when the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla was awesome!

But then again, his rise to fame gave him a lot of wannabes. They aren’t Y2J clones.

In fact... they are idiots.

It was said that Chris Jericho, alongside Batista, is set to return to the WWE.

This is good since the last thing the wrestling world needs right now are a bunch of established workers to put unprepared muscle-clad men in their place.

Game over.


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