Christian loses World Title on Smackdown

Good while it lasted.

May 1, 2011.  

This was the day the internet marked out for the man dubbed as Christian.

He has the skills and the charisma as well but Vince McMahon doesn’t think he is “top title” material. Vince wants his poster boys big and muscular like Triple H, Batista, and even John Cena and Randy Orton. In terms of small guys, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Edge, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, and Chris Jericho had heavyweight reigns because they got over huge with the crowd.

And then this happened.

You saw the reaction from Christian. You saw the reaction from Edge. You saw the reaction from the crowd. If this happened in Wrestlemania, this would have been a moment. I thought this should have been the final match because this is what the people will be talking about. Sure, John Cena won his tenth heavyweight title but Christian finally broke the glass ceiling.

But then again...

I searched the internet for the Smackdown spoilers of their May 6 airing date. It bugged the hell off me. Days after winning the title at the 2011 Extreme Rules PPV, Christian was forced to defend his newly-captured belt on Smackdown. His opponent was Randy Orton. The Viper has been a perennial title holder and he was brought to Smackdown to fill the void left by the recently-retired Edge.

The match was hard-fought but in the end, Christian lost the belt to Orton.

So much for a long Christian title reign.

Christian has been forever a midcarder. While he has been a many-time secondary belt champion, the fans have been yearning for him to climb the top of the ladder. For me, he resembles the rise of The Miz in some ways but unlike Miz, Christian was never given the chance to win a title. When his contract was up, he signed with TNA. Total Nonstop Action was an avenue for Christian to carry a brand. He also used this opportunity to further hone his mat and mic skills.

When he returned to the WWE, people saw him with a different light. Sure, he was placed in the “C” Show, ECW but again he carried the brand and dished out great performances. When the brand folded he went to Raw and then on Smackdown where he was injured by the rookie Alberto del Rio. He was instrumental in Wrestlemania in helping Edge win his last WWE match.

Which then leads us to... this?  

I am not a fan of big belts losing on free TV and I am absolutely shocked that they buried Christian like this. I was procrastinating on writing about him and I got paid dearly for it. Just when you think Christian has broken the glass ceiling, the place separating them chewed him and then spat him.

It was unbelievable.

But then again, this could be a perfect way for Christian to lose it.

After years of getting buried, Christian finally takes the title. All of a sudden, Randy Orton comes in and takes his belt from him. Christian is mad at himself. He just had his moment where he and his best friend hugged it out and all of a sudden, he lost it. Christian then examines himself – if Edge didn’t honk the vehicle that distracted Alberto, will he still be champion? Christian then talks Orton in giving him the match. In that match, Christian again lost. All of a sudden, he’s had it. He takes his frustrations and vents it on Orton. All of a sudden, Christian’s mean streak will be shown.

Judging from the crowd reaction when he won, Christian is super over. Now let’s put those things in perspective. How will these people react when they find out that the guy they rooted for just lost his title? Did the writers planned this because they wanted to get Christian more over... or just because the Edge episode is over meant that the Christian episode should be over as well? Crowds will chant for Christian and they will detest Orton. This will lead to a match that would either be a face versus face match or a face versus heel match. If Christian is the underdog here, the crowd will favor him.

I’m still optimistic that WWE did this to make Christian over. This was like when Eddie Guerrero died and Chavo Guerrero was the heir apparent. Chavo just rode on Eddie’s name and that wasn’t enough. Rey Mysterio and Benoit had the same tag so Chavo didn’t cut it. The same can be said for Matt Hardy – who was another guy the fans wanted but can’t seem to get the break.

As far as the WWE is concerned, they just don’t want Christian merely riding on Edge’s coattails.

I’m still optimistic that WWE did this to make Christian over.

I still think that despite everything, they are not that cruel.

Game over.


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