Cleveland wins the 2011 NBA Draft Top Pick!

Kyrie Irving - #1 in most mock drafts. 

Finally, the Cleveland Cavaliers will get the help they desperately need after they acquired the top spot in the 2011 NBA Draft. The pick wasn’t originally theirs though. Cleveland got the pick when they traded Mo Williams to the Los Angeles Clippers for Baron Davis and a first-round pick that turned out to be this pick.

2011 could serve as redemption for the Cavaliers after the franchise lost Lebron James to the Miami Heat. From top squad, they became the league’s laughingstock as they almost posted the worst record in NBA history. 

Now the Cavaliers will have the chance to select two top-tier picks since they have two of the top five spots.

1 CLEVELAND / The Cavs can’t go wrong with either Duke’s Kyrie Irving or Arizona’s Derrick Williams. They need all the help (or any help) they can get especially in scoring. Cleveland last season was an offensive black hole with Antawn Jamison leading the charge with 18.0 points per game. Jamison looks poised to find work elsewhere while Baron Davis returning is also questionable. JJ Hickson, Ramon Sessions, and Daniel Gibson merely averaged in twin digits because of Cleveland’s lack of depth.

Derrick Williams - If he gets selected by Cleveland,
can he wear jersey # 23? 

2 MINNESOTA / Hopefully the Timberwolves can lure Spanish spitfire Ricky Rubio out of the Euroleague because having him to pair up to whatever is left with Irving or Williams could do wonders for the T-Wolves. While they acquired a superstar in Kevin Love, their backcourt needs furnishing... because it sucks as of the moment. Like the Cavs, the Wolves are in need of scorers.

3 UTAH / The Jazz are poised to start fresh with only Andrei Kirilenko and Tyrone Corbin serving as links in the years Karl Malone, John Stockton, Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, and Jerry Sloan were part of the squad. With Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and Al Jefferson leading the charge, Utah has to get a volatile scorer in their mix to reclaim a seat back to the top.

4 CLEVELAND / I’m just going to repeat what I said in the Number 1 paragraph. If you remember the Kevin Durant and Jeff Green selection at the last year of the Seattle Supersonics, these two pretty much made up the scoring of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Anyway, the Cavs need to strike gold with their picks.

5 TORONTO / The void left by Chris Bosh was too big of an ordeal for the Raptors to overcome. The player they need to acquire must like Canada and must be ready to do whatever it takes to send out Toronto of their slump. The answer? They have to pick a player that’s not born in the United States!

This is a picture of Kemba Walker
putting the moves on then-Kentucky guard John Wall

Completing the Top Ten are the Washington Wizards, Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Bobcats, and the Milwaukee Bucks. The draft was projected weak by analysts but perhaps these projections can be trumped by the player’s execution. Let’s face it, players like Brandon Knight, Khawi Leonard, Alec Burks, and 2011 NCAA Most Outstanding Player of the Tournament Kemba Walker can make an impact when opportunity arises. And then there are the players outside the United States like Enes Kanter, Jonas Valanciunas, Jan Vesely, and Bismarck Biyombo.  

Except for those players that played in the NCAA tournament, I know nothing about the other guys. But definitely do not underestimate these guys because for what you know, you might be looking at the batch that could rival the batch that Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and Carmelo Anthony.

Game over.   


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