Dirk Nowitzki = Michael Jordan?

The bald meets the hairy.

The guy with six rings versus the guy with more than six fingers.

His Airness versus The Dunking Deutscheman!  

Michael Jordan versus Dirk Nowitzki.

This is not about the talent.

This is not whether or not Michael Jordan is the pre version of Kobe Bryant and Lebron James or if Dirk Nowitzki is a baby version of Larry Bird or a more talented version of Detlef Schrempf.

This is for another reason and that reason is that thing that they wag every time they make an attempt to move.

It’s all about their tongues.

That’s what it’s all about.

I just noticed this when I was checking out a bunch of pictures on the internet. This was the second time I saw a Dirk photo where his tongue is stretched outside his mouth. This is not bad but I am beginning to understand what fair-skinned and dark-skinned people can or can’t do.


MJ doing the tongue thing makes him look like a dominant sports star. At least his trademark is not messy and is not used by ninjas to temporary blind their opponent.

*cough* *Lebron* *cough*


A while back I said Dirk Nowitzki looks dorky. Now I am compelled to say that he looks like a European porn star and that is a compliment for those keeping tabs.

There are people telling me that I should include Kobe Bryant.

Sorry but there are too many Jordan-Kobe comparisons in circulation so I will refrain myself from making this one-on-one affair to a three-way.

Anyway, judge for yourselves on who you think has the best tongue-wagging in the history of the NBA.

Does Dirk’s tongue better than MJ’s?

Is tongue-wagging forever Michael Jordan’s thing?

Game over!


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