The First Ever Francis Villanueva Crystal Beach Manliness Explosion - The Stefano Mori in G-Mik Moment

When I was young, I saw a G-Mik episode where Ang TV alumnus Stefano Mori was rolling in his bed and giggling like a schoolgirl when he was thinking of his crush. I think his love team then was Camille Prats. I also think this was before Danilo Barrios joined the teen barkada cast.

And if you must know, yeah... you are not allowed to ask me why I was watching G-Mik when I was a young boy.

Whatever happened to that guy?

Anyway, that I was reminded of that particular scene (as well as other relevant scenes from high school tween dramas) when I saw Marc giggling as if he was kissed by all three Jonas Brothers.

This happened during our Crystal Beach excursion.

Thank you Manuel Edralin for capturing this extremely cheesy moment!

Game over.


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