The First Ever Francis Villanueva Crystal Beach Manliness Explosion - Pawikan Clips

When I was at Crystal Beach, Cindy and I saw this gigantic creature. He was huge, his shell looks hard, and his face looks like he would Stone Cold Stunner anything he deemed bothersome.

Luckily we are his friends... or so we thought.

I always wanted to pet a pawikan. I am aware that he could snap my fingers out of my joint but that’s what I feel then. You see, inasmuch as I am a dog lover, I hate petting furry things that touch my skin and lick my legs as if I am ice candy.

Whenever I’m exposed to too much fur, my skin asthma activates and when that happens, my throat itches and I automatically find refuge in anti-allergy capsules and vaporizers.

Thank goodness for fishies... and other furless mammals living on earth!

I like fishes and other underwater creatures that are impossible to pet because they look cool, they can live without human affection, and when they die, you have less emotional attachment.

Although, when I was young I had 23 fishes (bought at the small pet shop near St. James College of QC) cramped in one small fishbowl and the next day, I see ten of them floating.

When I was young I am fully aware that they are not learning a new trick to amuse me.

I got to pet the gigantic turtle. Actually they are two of them in that spot. One was feisty as hell while the other seemed people-trained. Anyway, these pawikans will not stay in the sanctuary for long as they will be sent out to sea when they are ready.

Does this mean turtles come to sure sometimes to lay eggs?

Seeing that would be awesome!

I have no idea how I will end my rambling so I’m going to finish this with this!

Game over!


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