Free Comic Book Day on May 21!

I’m going to check out Trinoma on May 21, 2011.

I saw this ad at the Mukhang Pera site and it says that all branches of Fully Booked will be giving away free comic books and 20 percent off on graphic novels on that Saturday!

I am not much of a comic book fan but I respect the comic book world and I love getting free stuffs. I am sort of knowledgeable with regards of the X-Men series and call it gay, but until I read the spoilers that it was all a crappy dream sequence, for sure I was bent to complete the Archie Love Showdown collection (I just bought the first part of one of the most anticipated letdowns in comic book history).

I hope I don’t get the crappy titles!

Come to think of it, I hope they have those Arnold Arre books. The name escapes me but I am graphic novel away from completing his books. Just like my fascination for Pinoy music, I am a fan of Pinoy graphic novels. 

Game over!


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