Giving the devils their due

Cleveland I mean Miami top draw Lebron James did everything to win their series. 

When Cleveland Cavaliers owner Paul Gilbert hexed Lebron James saying that he will never win a championship...


Who cares what he says.

All I can say is Paul Gilbert better NOT be a “reverse” prophet because as it stands the Miami Heat is a “Dallas Mavericks” away from winning it all! The Miami Heat finally set up the good versus evil NBA Finals storyline as they defeat the Chicago Bulls, 83 to 80.

It was a low-scoring night for both squads as defense won it for the Heat. Miami’s Big Three all scored in 20 points or up with Lebron James unleashing his dominance over the competition. Like the bastard or not (NOT), LBJ came away with a game-high 28 points, a game-high 11 rebounds, a team-high 6 assists, a game-high 3 steals, and 2 blocks.

Like I said, I hate the guy but you have to give him his props.

And then there’s Dwyane Wade who even if he made 9 turnovers, finished the game with 21 points. Chris Bosh had a better game than Wade by ringing in 20 points, 10 rebounds, an assist, a steal, and 4 big time blocks.

If the Heat had a 39 percent shooting night, the Bulls had it worse. Derrick Rose again led the team with 25 points but he shot 20 bricks to finish the night with 9-of-29 shooting. Luol Deng, the other guy that should be helping Rose in the scoring chores had a respectable 18 points but with a not-so-respectable 6-of-17 shooting. But then the other double-digit scorer was Ronnie Brewer – who would score 10 points as Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, and Joakim Noah struggled in their scoring and rebounding functions.

So this win sets up the grudge match five years in the making. Unlike their previous finals encounter, the Mavs then were considered the favourites. With the Miami’s “Axis of Evil” doing everything they can to claim the first title in their self-proclaimed dynasty, everyone who hates Miami will rely on Dallas to beat them.


Game over!


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