Hate on Heat Campaign: James Hardened

If the Miami Heat advances (IF) to the NBA Finals, I want them to suffer at the hands of a team that never had destiny awarded to them as early as the preseason.

My Plan A will always be the Boston Celtics winning three straight to humble the Miami Heat.

I have backup plans though in case my C’s failed to beat them.

With a BIG IF on the Celtics, there are a lot of interesting scenarios to zap the respect off the Heat. First of all, Derrick Rose is poised to travel the Jordan path and it will go full throttle once they defeat the Miami Heat and head to the Finals. Secondly, the Dallas Mavericks would avenge their Finals loss by leaving the Heat in shambles.

My personal favourite however is that the Memphis Grizzlies open up a big can of whoopass and become the first eighth-seeded squad since forever to win a NBA title. So to help reinforce this, I will help the Memphis Grizzlies through raunchy and distasteful statements that hopefully could catapult the squad to greatness.

So let us check out OKC’s Kevin Durant and James Harden embracing the hell out of each other. At the back of James’ jersey, there are the words “Harden”.

There is also something “harden” on Durantula but the image limits us from viewing it.

Where is Rudy because this is...


Can you feel it, huh? 

Yes, that is a sick and virtually distasteful way of trashing two people that were anything but bad.  

It is not personal, Oklahoma City Thunder fans. I would root for the squad if they beat Memphis if they cross paths against the Miami Heat.

Actually, any team is better than the Miami Heat.

Game over.


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