How to Attract Viewers in your Blog? Add Mickey Mouse Pictures!

How popular are you? 

I was reading an article about attracting blog readers when I stumbled on this answer.

Put Mickey Mouse pictures in your blog.

I was like confused.

Is this a joke?

But then it hit me. When I was in college, I studied advertising. Because I listened to my professor, I learned that Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular proper nouns in the world. Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character that kids now and then love! There is no civilized building in the world that doesn’t have any object with his imprint on it.

Plus his Mousekeeters produced Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake!

I collected a bunch of pictures featuring The Mouse with The House. Adjusting to the look and feel of my site, I just obtained the funniest, raunchiest, and oddest pictures found in the internet that is not lingering towards pornography.

No mouse-to-mouse sex here, people!

There is no mouse-to-mouse-to-dog-to-chipmunk-to-duck-to-genie-to-crab here also!  

So how many Mickey Mouse fanatics will troop to this site? In a week, let’s check out the additional viewers of my site and hopefully they will refer the pictures to their friends!

Let’s start this social experiment now!

Mickey haters will certainly like this image. 

If Walt Disney had Hitler-like tendencies,
this is a cruel way to exalt world domination. 

Mickey Mouse after surviving the Holocaust. 

Arabs think Mickey Mouse is the representation
of what is wrong in America. 

Ozzy is to bats...
Manson is to cats.  

In the interest of pimping my site to the porn-loving population,
here is Mickey Mouse in some chick's body! 

I saw a stoner movie once.
It was a bunch of things that is too profound for me.
It was called Fantasia. 

Who the hell said Mickey Mouse comics are unfunny?  

I like the Mickey and Minnie pair but this is just odd. 

This is like me whenever I check out my Stat Counter stats? 

Two of the biggest names in cartoon world. 

So let the hits flourish!  

Holy shit... 

Game over!


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