James Harden’s tongue = Michael Jordan’s???


Yes, I said it.

This is a question that could drive every Jordan fanatic to post hate mails!

But this is not a talent competition.

This is basically me checking out a bunch of tongues and we try to compare the particular tongue’s awesomeness to that of His Airness, Michael Jordan.

I can’t really blame anyone for sticking their tongues especially at this point of the playoffs. Jordan is after all, arguably the best basketball player of all time.

While checking out a bunch of Yahoo photos I discovered this picture. Yes, that pinkish thing inside James Harden’s regal beard is his tongue. Harden a pain in the ass for the Dallas Mavericks in their series and he did everything to further Oklahoma City’s attempt to reach the NBA Finals.

However it’s just not meant to be. Hopefully this will become a stepping stone for a Harden breakout next season. He is a defensive menace as well as an offensive threat and he could be the credible third guy in OKC’s scoring load.   

When asked if James Harden’s tongue is cuter than that of Michael Jordan’s, Dirk Nowitzki could only respond with this.


Game over.


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