Lebron James farts at Anderson Varejao

These moments they will cherish forever. 

I wasn’t always a Lebron James hater. I hated him because of his widely-publicized decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.

But like I said... I wasn’t always a Lebron hater.

When he was in Cleveland, he was a lovable goof with insane basketball skills.

He also taught Brazilian Anderson Varejao to react in English.

What a wonderful guy.

You see what Varejao did? Instead of saying “dios mio” or the same content in Portuguese, he said “oh my god”.

This goes to show that the Cleveland Cavaliers version of Lebron James may not get a lot of help in winning a bunch of championships but at least he was a better person.

Yes, I’m judging his attitude because he farted on Anderson Varejao.

Game over.


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