Lyoto Machida = Ralph Macchio in Karate Kid!

If you saw UFC 129, you probably saw this.

Yes, Ralph Macchio fans... he did it... Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida actually did it... he finally proved everyone that the crane kick used in The Karate Kid 1... can actually finish people. This clip was enough to give Machida “Knockout of the Night” honors against the ageless wonder, the 47-year old Randy Couture. I was in Crystal Beach, Zambales when the PPV aired where I was enjoying the beach and the other things that surround it and I failed to see the action (which is why I’m not going to review this match). But I am looking for ways to check out the matches particularly this match, Jose Aldo’s match, and the Georges St. Pierre versus Jake Shields main event.

Does Machida look like Street Fighter's Ryu? 

See, if GSP was about to battle Anderson Silva, I want Rush to floor Silva. However, GSP’s hold on his title is too strong, that I want someone... anyone... to at least pose a challenge. As it stands, Shields took GSP to distance which delighted me but it wasn’t enough to give Shields the win.

As I wait, check out the Machida kick... and compare that with this ending!

Game over!


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