Michael Bolton loves Jack Sparrow!!!

Move over Johnny Depp! 

With those long curly locks and a music that basically tells everyone to go screw themselves out because he is a musical monster, Michael Bolton basically became the Celine Dion of music.

Others can treat this as a compliment... but fuck it.

And by the way, placing him beside another big-haired, curly-looked person like Kenny G just only made Bolton’s existence even more annoying! There was a time when people were annoyed as hell at his existence. Not even cutting his hair saved the guy from getting the hate tirade from people under 40! The only way his name was cool was when Office Space spoofed it!

However, it seems as if Michael Bolton went on a 360 from being an annoying sexy old man into an epitome of awesomeness. Yes, I said it.

Michael Bolton = Awesome.

The Lonely Island, led by SNL Digital Short master Andy Samberg had this superb song that is bent to give Michael Bolton a chance to be adored by the online public.

The song is all about people partying and having random sex with hot women.

The problem in this scenario though is that Michael Bolton just watched Pirates of the Caribbean.

Besides his man-crush on Jack Sparrow, check out the other things he previewed!

Game over!


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