Move over Bioman! Here comes Bio Three!

Out of the five colors, they dropped
the two manliest ones! 

When I was young, there was this art film that captivated the lives of kids of all ages.

The name of the film was Kabayo Kids.

Voted as one of the top 100 Philippine movies of 1990 (this includes wedding videos, JS proms, and birthday parties in fast food outlets), this is a story of three horse lovers who became super heroes after meeting with Richie D’ Horsie.

Yes... this is a horse movie with Richie D’ Horsie.

But don’t mistake this with Roderick Paulate’s Petrang Kabayo. The movie stars the legendary trio of Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, and Joey de Leon. While Petrang Kabayo happened because of Roderick’s character’s arrogance, they became superheroes because they wanted to destroy a syndicate.

Just like in Bioman, Tito, Vic, and Joey transform into neon-dressed characters. Tito becomes Orange Juice, Vic becomes Green Mango, and Joey transforms into Yellow Banana.

Unlike similar movies of that generation, they are original enough to branch out of singing and dancing in front of the beach...

... Because they’ll just do their singing and dancing riding toy horses.

Anyway, what the point of this?

Just when you think the Kabayo Kids is zany, wait ‘til you see this clip.

Bioman is a worldwide hit. Not only did the Americans copied it with the Power Rangers and that Tattooed Teenage Samurai Squad shit back in the 90’s, but the French also did something close to this.

But to make it original, instead of having five masked missionaries, they only have three. Yes, three seriously demented human beings who looked odd, combined live action crime-fighting with silliness.

And fortunately for us, Youtube uploader Dirtydoug saw the clip, Tagalized it, and made it awesome.

Game over!


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