Oblivious Pakistani Government

Who knew Osama bin Laden has been in Pakistan all this time?

Certainly not the Pakistani government!  

Sure, the US forces breached a bunch of laws when they stormed OBL’s hiding place but fact is, the American forces did what the Pakistani forces couldn’t – which was find OBL and end his existence through trial or through force. Osama fought ‘til the end... and a gunshot to the head was enough to send him to hell.

Shouldn’t they be embarrassed that the whole world thinks Pakistan’s military and intelligence is abysmal?


Shouldn’t they be aware that the whole world thinks they are harbouring Satan’s representation on earth?

Hell yeah.

One of the worst things to happen to a country right now is to be associated with the world’s most hated man. That and natural and political destruction! The guy instructed his wards to fly across the Twin Towers to create chaos and destruction. Pakistan has been once called in cahoots with the terrorists and here is no different.

It’s actually hard to prove people wrong at this point.

While the world joyously celebrates the demise of the fallen terrorist, Islamists are seething. In Pakistan there was a day of mourning. Why the hell would they do that? Who in their right mind would show remorse on a person who would resort to “sacrificing” lives for his gain? Is it really true that their government is buddies with the Al-Qaeda? If the government is not one of Osama’s allies, then Osama could have now employed a bunch of radical supporters who will carry out his plans.

Hopefully the unthinkable won’t happen.

Game over.


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