Osama Bin Laden dead

Death to America? Death to you BY America!

I am not happy. Not with all the conspiracy theories inside my brain at the moment.

Have you seen “Wag The Dog”? That film is so awesome that you wanted to be Stanley Motss (Dustin Hoffman) but at the same time bastardly if ever that is really happening in real life. I mean as you speak, you might be a victim of such deplorable acts! A smart man once told me that the Philippine Peso is not getting stronger despite the Php/USD denomination is around 44 to 1. Fact is the economy in America is in deep horseshit right now. It is impossible to get re-elected at this phase because Americans are eager to get out from their economic slump.

Herbert Hoover had it bad and his administration is always envisioned with “The Great Depression” and when Woodrow Wilson was able to lead them back to the top, he got another term.

It is that simple.

On May 2, 2011 (May 1 US Time), United States President Barack Obama reported to the American people that 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden was killed by the American forces.

Using his dead sister’s DNA, it was finally revealed that the guy they found was indeed Osama bin Laden.

Okay. Fine. I now think this is real.

So what now?

The American forces got through the Bin Laden camp despite fighting the terrorists without the approval of the Pakistani government. Could it be that they are protecting OBL? Also, while the poster boy of the “Death to America” movement has been killed, it is not certain if the poster boy is still the movement’s leader. He has an advocate of death for some two decades now and he is not that much of an idiot to not train a successor.

Ultimately, if this is some ploy by the Obama Administration to get on the voters’ good side (with 2012 coming up), then this is a great plan. Up to this day, the world as a whole is still reeling from the brutal deaths of those who died in New York as well as the other places where terrorism struck.

However if it isn’t, then prepare for backlash. Just because they took out the financier doesn’t mean they are safe. These faceless threats to life have the abilities to strike anywhere at any time. They are trained to die with expertise to ignite explosions from seemingly useless instruments. Who knows how many governments are their allies?

I do not want to act as a buzzkill but whenever we are complacent, shit happens.

With the way the Middle East and Africa is at this point, I think becoming complacent should be the least of our worries.

Wag the dog.

Game over.


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