Pacquiao wins versus Mosley

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Is it me or was that match underwhelming?

Yes, I am talking about the sequel of the Manny Pacquiao / Shane Mosley series.

I hope they won’t do a third instalment... ever.

Regardless of what Bob Arum, Freddie Roach, that unpatriotic guy who works in your office that just wants to say that Manny Pacquiao is about to lose a match, or hell... even what Manny Pacquiao says, no one believed that Shane Mosley would win over the Pacman.

I think this was the first match where I had the avenues to watch the fight but I was so bored that after the third round, I switched channels. Watching Mosley get floored was enough to tell myself that Manny will own the bout. This was Mosley first knockdown since feeling the fists of Vernon Forrest. But you have to hand it to Mosley for being so durable especially when Manny unleashed that extremely sick jawbreaker that knocked Mosley off his feet. A weaker fighter would have yielded from that punch. Sure, I missed a couple of rounds due to channel surfing but I felt I didn’t miss much.

But luckily I returned for Round 10 where Kenny Bayless scored a knockdown in favor of Mosley because of that... err... punch. Fact is that phantom punch angered MP and it proved costly for Mosley as he became the unfortunate recipient of his devastating blows. The onslaught stopped in Round 12 when the fighters chose to hug it out... although Manny would set free a bunch of merciless straights and jabs.

Pacquiao won via unanimous decision and I am beginning to wonder if the match will send shockwaves to the boxing community that there is nothing left to watch in boxing.

Sure, the best match to catapult boxing back to the top is Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather but unless Manny fights Mayweather (hell, even Juan Manuel Marquez since the guy has Manny’s number) or beats up another certified welterweight, you can’t really expect a lot from these Pacman fights.

But still, why blame Pacman for this?

Blame his insane skills for retiring the careers of so many men and the wimping up of many others!

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!

Hopefully you’ll have more quality fights... and win them all!



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