Proposal WIN!

When I showed this to my officemates, the first thing they asked me was if I was looking for wedding proposal pegs.




Fact is though, once my girlfriend sees this wedding proposal, anything I can think of (inexpensive... hmmm... inexpensive...) could be crap in her eyes.

And don’t laugh bastards with a nice relationship leading to the altar! The enchantment of flowers, restaurants, and knees was destroyed when this guy did this video.

I mean... see it for yourselves and hopefully you are alone when you watch this!

See! Nothing says I am so in love with my girlfriend and I am the most wonderful man on earth than renting a movie house, commissioning some struggling director to create a magnificent scene, and gathering her friends and families so when she says yes, they’ll clap the living hell out of their hands!

But fuck it right... what if she said no?


But fact is, she didn’t. The thing he made was enough for the girl to wet up and make the guy the most awesome man in the planet. Good for him... and bad for us. Soon this video will reach Ellen, Oprah, and all those girly shows that when they see this, all they want to have is to have the same feeling the girl was having.

Dude... even Talk Soup will air this!

Even Chelsea Lately!

Even F’N CNN, Fox, and NBC will have this!

Yes dude... what you did... is awesome. The problem is you made bar for every man in the world “in a relationship” so high.

Luckily I have a glorious plan tucked inside my sleeve.

** bluffing **

Snatched this video from the Facebook post of my Hoops bud Chrisangelo

Game over!


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