Barack Obama and Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers angers Donald Trump

Roasted in the audience seat. 

Who would have thought he has this in him!

A while back I thought Seth Meyers was sometimes funny on Weekend Update.

Now I’m not so sure though.

The Saturday Night Live head writer is comedy gold tonight!

This was like Tina Fey when she was dissing former vice presidentiable Sarah Palin! Did you see Donald Trump? He is just sitting there... thinking of ways on how to destroy the obviously-Democrat Meyers through telekinesis. As for Barack Obama... he’s just laughing his heart out!

And the best part of this – that birth certificate issue where Trump said Obama is not born in this country might be put down to rest! 

But wait... there's more! 


This is a great week for Barack Obama. The best one in his administration yet! 

Now if only he can translate this to economic stability... 

Game over! 

(By the way, thanks to Nelz Yumul for sharing this) 


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