Transformers Thriller

The film has yet to show but at this point, people are anticipating for the impending car crash that is Transformers 3. I have taken leeway on science fiction movies ever since I had a girlfriend (we love watching movies) but there are some movies that I can’t stand.

Harry Potter is one.

Twilight is another.

And then there’s Transformers.

The Transformers franchise is for some, a hit or miss event. The beef I have with the movie is that just to show off their state-of-the-art technology, the robots lost its coolness. Others feel that the movie underachieved. 

I saw a clip in Youtube that I felt should have been the look of the franchise. Sure, it is cartoony... but at least the awesomeness of our beloved cartoon will still be intact.


This might not be the Transformers you had in mind.

Game over.


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