Christian finally turns heel

It’s official.

During his run in TNA, the Christian face campaign had an expiry date. Sure, in ECW when he returned, he successfully played the face role but there were no big names to make him shift to the other side.

When Edge retired due to injury, fans rallied on Christian to claim the gold that has eluded him for 17 years now. When he finally won it, he quickly lost it – five days later on a non-PPV event.

After countless attempts of re-capturing his World Championship title, Christian has finally turned heel. The internet has been clamouring on this turn but if it was me, I would have waited after their next PPV. In their next PPV dubbed Capital Punishment, Christian should have competed in a triple threat match against Champion Randy Orton and Sheamus. Orton will pin Sheamus and this leads to Christian snapping.

But then again, heel Christian was way better than face Christian.

Christian is entertaining when latched in goofy but sadistic roles. It will be interesting on what take he’ll do in his heel turn.

Anyway, I found this clip on Youtube. This was one of the enjoyable sequences Christian played during his Edge and Christian days. The backstory of this is the Dudley Boyz are about to face E & C at the Royal Rumble. To mock the Dudleys, Edge and Christian sent out a bunch of messed up faces to piss off the Bubba Ray and D-Von.

Remember what Edge and Christian did for the benefit of those with flash photography?

Remember when Jerry Lawler was still awesome on commentary?

Remember when the Dudley Boyz are still tolerable?  

Game over!


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